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Hello everyone!

My name is Silvie and, as you may expect, I’m a book lover. My passion for books was born in a small library in one small Czech town years ago. I’m not living there anymore, but have unexplainable need to share book love stories and connect bookworms wherever they come from.

When I’m not drinking my tea, I’m most likely thinking about my French bulldog, next tattoo/piercing, doing online courses, drawing or praticing yoga. Where? Somewhere in Europe, as I’m constantly chasing my dream to travel and find my place to be.

Last years of my life were quite intense; full of experience with my adult life (alas independence!), new cultures, languages and pretty much everything in between you can imagine. While living abroad (Finland and Sweden), I was perfectly pushed to throw away books in my mother tongue, what has led to broadening my reading horizons.

Disclosure: Although I am not a native English speaker, yet I had decided to write about my book journeys in English. As said, I would like to connect people with another people, books, new ideas and opinions. So far, I see English as the most accurate tool to achieve it. And of course I would like to learn on this road – to articulate my points better, to improve. Thank you for having this in mind.