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Charlie Jane Anders – All the Birds in the Sky

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When I started to read All the Birds in the Sky I was almost sure it‘s happening – a new big thing, almost Harry Potter-like! Did I feel like it after I finished the book? No. But was it worth anyway? No doubt about that.

All the Birds in the Sky is a story of a witch Patricia and her schoolfriend Laurence, whose life consists of suffering and science. Although their story can remind some magical high school musical, it takes a different direction.

This novel can be a painful reminder of how people, who were our besties in school days, suddenly disappear from our lives, just to appear later when nothing is the same. A part of the story line, when Patricia and Laurence meet as adults describes everyday struggle of

What I found interesting though, was how Anders didn’t feel need to develop romantic relationships amongst novel’s characters, but was more focused on their past. Then readers can fully understand what Patricia and Laurence mean to each other, and how their worlds collide.

Anders has a great ability to describe various things into such details that my average me got lost many times, while trying to understand complicated content of Laurence‘s work. Not that it was easy to imagine all surroundings of witch school either. However, it was fascinating, scary and, again, I tried to see Hogwarts. Of course I failed, but this time it was actually a good thing. It differs from other books its focus on the plot, than weird technical devices, wands or fantastic animals.

All the Birds in the Sky doesn‘t pretend to be every child‘s secret dream, on the contrary. Hidden behind the story of a genius scientist and a quirky witch, there are important matters asking to be considered. Two very different souls, being brought together by the hard times in school, where they experience bullying, humiliation and underestamination of a whole situation from teachers. Exaggerative pressure on kids from parents. And what it would be for a fantasy without Earth in danger, but this time with much more action..

What I missed was humor, maybe because I’m not such experienced reader of this genre. But once Anders will write another book, I’ll buy it because she’s obviously not only someone with huge experience in a fantasy world, but also a writer with fascinating mind and gripping stories to tell.

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