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Felicia Day – You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

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Here’s the thing: Felicia Day was an unknown name for me. I mean, her face was somehow familiar to me, but that’s it. The reason why I decided to read her book was therefore different – no matter how much surprised I still am about it, I enjoy reading autobiographies. Does it mean I’m getting older? Or that in the end I may be interested in someone else’s life?
Answers: 1. Can be, and 2. No. I just like life lessons and inspiring stories to read. (Somehow, it seems my main interests are women’s stories, but that’s just because I haven’t purchased Binge by Tyler Oakly yet.) ANYWAY!

For all of you not aware of Felicia’s persona, here’s a short summary of her awesomeness. She has a double major with Bachelor’s degrees in two so divergent disciplines as Mathematics and Violin Performance. Her childhood and teenage years were spent mostly at home, playing video games and WOW. After graduating, she pursued her dream of becoming an actor. In the end she shot her own geek web series The Guild, has starred and being guest in various TV shows. Honestly, doesn’t she sound AT LEAST inspiring? Think, be someone with such wide range of interest!

This book is filled with Felicia’s personality – there are photos, photoshopped creations, excerpts from her children’s poetry.. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) is about Felicia’s distinctive childhood, her approach to learning and humble start of her professional career. It was mesmerising and hilarious. It doesn’t glorify her work, but instead shows what does it really mean to be home schooled, be an aspiring actor, how she started from the scratch and how her life has changed.

In her book, Felicia writes about her feelings, but not in a romantic kind of way. She explains how her inner critic works, how she feels under the pressure and voilà – Felicia is one of us! Despite her talents she failed, was working her ass off to get where she is now. Surprisingly though, Felicia was also shamed, threatened and experienced the gaming community getting against her. The last part of the book is therefore dedicated to some serious talk about internet and its shiny and dark sites. Felicia speaks up about her experience, not intimidated by internet trolls. Do you really need more proof of her being a badass? If so, read You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). It will make you feel stupid, laugh and you’ll be able to peek into the world you may be not familiar with. Afterwards, you will probably like to watch some of Felicia’s piece of work. (I want!)

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