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Janet Mock – Redefining Realness

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Long time no see, I know! But sometimes I also go outside and try to live my life not only through book pages. So it happened that Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More by admired Janet Mock took in the end longer that it should.

My introduction to Janet happened ages ago (maybe 2 years ago, actually) through some of the awesome podcasts I listen to. I believed it was on Bitch Media’s Backtalk, where they discussed Janet’s talkshow and it sounded interesting to me enough to search for it. And indeed it was! So when I heard she’s about to release a book I promised myself to buy it. Obviously, it didn’t happen for a long time but now it can happily rest on my bookshelf, being loved.

Redefining Realness is a raw story about Janet becoming her true self. It’s not the first book I’ve read about struggles LGBTQIA people must go through. But honestly, I sometimes feel like their expressed experiences are polished by forgiveness, maybe forgetfullness. As well-known saying goes, time heals almost everything. In any case, I believe it’s benefitial for all read such books, especially for cis people having it all, still denying to mend their reality. While priviledged, most of us will whine time to time about our hard lives and occasional feelings of helplessness. It doesn’t hurt to be proved otherwise.

Janet Mock is a great example of woman, who stands her ground, know her value and is incredibly inspiring by embracing own past with done mistakes. Reading about her journey of sexual abuse, shaming and hustle was surprising. I’m not the one easily shocked, but such openness is not seen often. Not to shame it, though. Her determination to be the girl she always have been is breathtaking. In addition, I like how Redefining Realness mixed some statistics with the narrative.

After reading her memoir, I felt little bit ashamed of my predjudices. To me, Janet always looked so strong and there was no doubt from my side about how good life she has to have. Flipping through the pages of her book, I felt urge to slap myself for being so easily manipulated by media portrayals. Everyone has his own secrets and traumas which eventually help create who we are now. Some manage to break through successfully, some less. There is one quote by Tony Robbins regarding this topic, and is interestingly well suited for book’s conclusion:

Everybody’s got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there.

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