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Lena Dunham – Not That Kind of Girl

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While reading Not That Kind of Girl, one of my friend told me she wouldn’t be able to read it, because it sounds too real. And that summarize everything.

Lena speaks about her life, shows that she is Not That Kind of Girl everyone expects/wants her to be. It’s not a dairy, more like essay collection full of small illustrations, thoughts and confessions. As someone already mentioned it, this book offers laughs and at the same time heart wrenching feelings. This is how it feels to be young, lost in the world of “real people”, and what all has preceded it. What I personally appreciated a lot, was an absence of beauty/fashion talk. It’s not that I’m mortified by a girl having fun with her make up. Thumbs up for all of the women outside who are able to draw her eyeliner the way they want! Of course I admit that fashion plays a big role in a women’s world. But exactly from those reasons it’s incredible refreshing not to read about it all the time. She is able to embrace her unique personality shaped by amazing sort of past experience.

We, older generation, have all been there. Awkward dates, terrifyingly funny situations and fears of future. Some things have sorted themselves out, some are still quite current: Oh, hello future! Lena therefore has become the voice of our generation, but not only. Her book covers many matters, some of them general, the others very personal, which makes it whole. It doesn’t feel like she’s just talking about her OCD or needs to tell “tiny” lies without any specific reason, what can end up in very serious event. It made me think about myself and about similar experiences. Does this all happen only to few of us? Or do we all have these thoughts, questions and rather-to-be-forgotten memories, which are embarrassingly same to hers?

By the way, to read this book on the way to work and watch Girls on a couch in the evening, I must say it gave Girls a new, different dimension for me. I watched first season few years ago when I “needed it”, as it was speaking about my feelings with every episode more and more. But after reading this book, I can see how many autobiographical elements has Lena used for her series. It helped me to appreciate her work even more than before.

2 reasons why yes
If you like Lena/her work,there is nothing to lose
It makes you laugh, blush and remember your own good old times

2 reasons why no
Don’t expect Lena’s memoir
If you are not prepared to dig into your own past, don’t even open this book

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