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Marianne Cantwell – Be a Free Range Human

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If every of your working Fridays end up by you singing the first lines of I Want To Break Free by Queen, there is some possibility that Be a Free Range Human can be a very useful piece of literature for your next weekend. (Here’s the song, I know you are singing it now!)

For all people who feel stuck in their professional life, Marianne Cantwell created an ultimate guide to evaluate every idea, adapt it accordingly and give the necessary courage to try it.
I’m glad to say that her book is different. Maybe, in the end, I wasn’t right about motivational books saying we all have power to change our lives and careers. Or maybe I was lucky with my choice. But in any case, Be a Free Range Human got me sitting behind the table at 10 pm, writing frenetically answers from all excercises. Was it weird? Kind of, yes. It felt like I’m back in school. Was it useful? For sure, for many reasons. Sometimes it seemed to me there are almost more excercises than text. But the questions Cantwell asks are not the ones we are used to (well, at least I’m not). To really think about my strenghts and weaknesses, in what I’m different than let’s say people I know, was a big eye-opener for me. And I believe it could be for more of us.

What I found incredible refreshing is used language in Be a Free Range Human. It was witty, playful and honest, but not annoying! It just gave the book more credibility. The author went through the same process and decided to inspire the others.

On the other hand, I can’t say Be a Free Range Human can be so useful for people, who are just looking for some inspiration. Not that inspirational stories are not included, but in my opinion the biggest value of this I dare to say business exercise book, is to have an idea in mind and see if it can be efficient, or a waste of energy. However, even in this situation Cantwell steps in and shows how to distinguish between average doubts and conditions, which won’t pay off.

So, what are you waiting for? Once you read this book, I can almost guarantee to you that your Friday’s will end up with another Queen’s hit. You are welcome.

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