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Matt Haig – The Humans

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The Humans and its wonderful bookcover by asmithcompany connected few souls, maybe even galaxies. It came to my bookshelf just on time, as it seems. Few days later after I started to read The Humans, there was a gentle, hurt soul coming to my life. His name is not Newton, but Coco, he‘s not a English Springer Spaniel, but a German Boxer rescued from the kennel. Although we don’t speak about peanut butter sandwiches, there is a language of trust and hope.

I was hooked on The Humans from the first pages, it was like a love at first sight. While reading it I was simultaneously thanking myself for being at home on the sofa and not in the subway on the way from work. It was hilarious and my laughter was filling the room. Yes, this is how I do expect the great book to start.
This incredibly clever novel shows our lives from a completely new perspective. And do not let the book cover fool you, as it‘s not as much about dogs as about ourselves.

Matt Haig came up with this fantastic idea of presenting our world as someone alien. How ridiculous our everyday acts can be and yet how they make perfectly sense to all of us. He points out that not only our words matter, but often it is also the context, one raised eyebrow what creates the meaning. There are so many habits we complicate our lives with, meanwhile we are convicted how important they are for us now, or for the future. The future, so far away, so uncertain, so scary, and still we rely on it more than we are able to admit.

What I appreciated most wasn‘t actually the story itself, but rather Haig‘s explanations about society, relationships, forcing each of us to reflect about our actions and responsibility. Not only they are humorous but also very true and my notebook is filled with quotes from The Humans. It‘s refreshing to read it without forced sentiment or esoteric touch about things that connect us all. The need to belong somewhere, to feel loved, to accomplish something. We often don‘t even realize how foolish we approach to our limited time, and are instead mastering the art of getting as far from our true selves as possible. And suddenly there is no time/money/chance to change our predicted ways until something happens. Or someone. It doesn‘t have to be an alien with a specific mission, but it can be a game changer anyway. Let‘s keep our eyes wide open.

Oh humans, please read this book, all of you. Read it with an open mind, with a pen nearby, borrow it to your close friends. Copy the chapter Advice for a human and pin it somewhere visible. Spread it. It‘s funny, sad, serious, without any sense and suddenly it speaks about the biggest wisdom. This book it‘s just like a life itself.

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