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Monika Kanokova – This Year Will Be Different | Stories of freelance success

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This Year Will Be Different.

Let‘s look at those words and meditate over how often have we used them. I, personally, have been using them since few years back and somehow, it always worked. But in all honesty, those years were full of changes anyway. They were triggered by breakup of a few years long relationship, finishing university studies etc.

While looking for some inspiration to make changes happen again, I sign up for fantastic educational platform Skillshare, where I took Monika‘s course about becoming a freelancer. It was interesting, inspirative and made me wonder what else she does. So I stumbled upon This Year Will Be Different on Amazon, Monika‘s Instagram full of beautiful, and often motivating pictures, and lastly, on her second Kickstarter campaign, where she presented her second book My creative (Side) Business: A Guide for Freelancers. I pledged her project and got this book as her thanks for support. Actually, I should thank Monika for coming up with such a great idea for a book.

There are many reasons why I have appreciated TYWBD so much. But amongst them, the main ones is, that this book is simply different. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I tend to be skeptical about this sort of literature. Blame me for it, but I simply have problem to relate to all those amazing people, who have built companies worth billions. But here comes Monika with her book to show me examples of young women, who have made their own way. So not only they are relatively in the same age as I am, but they also have created something they can call their own. Impressing!

How cool is it to read book about someone young, full of ideas and potential, across all different professional fields? Let me tell you: it is VERY cool. Sure, there were moments where I felt slight embarassment about my own story line. But who wouldn‘t? Women from this book rock. They have worked very hard just to start their bussinesses, and even harder when they launched them. Nothing came for free. It was reassuring to read, that even them have made some un/avoidable mistakes. It‘s a honest book about dreams, gut-feelings and courage.

What makes This Year Will Be Different unique is not only its stories, but also its message. Given directly from Monika, or other inspiring women included in this project, it encourages readers to try their own thing, find their niché and start exploring possibilities. And no, there are no empty phrases, but rather useful and very specific tips. It doesn‘t matter when you will decide to read this book. But do it from at least these two reasons:

1. You will regret not starting earlier whatever interests you

2. Maybe, your year will be different

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