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Roxane Gay – Bad Feminist

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We all have books we want to read for months, even years. Bad Feminist was one of mine and it finally happend – I finished it!

Bad Feminist is a filled with essays dedicated to various themes: from gender, race, politics to pop culture. It’s starts with Roxane’s confession about her imperfection as feminist, which is impressive when taking into account her knowledge and attitudes. In any case, such start speaks for itself. Included essays are filled with personal stories, vulnerability, pop culture and many more topics, elaborated with both wittiness and provoking tone.

What left a deep impression and admiration, was Roxane’s decision to speak up about her own experience with sex assault. It also implies how issues of body image are indeed a feminist issue too and its further impact on fat-shaming. She also challenges stereotypes of a sexual goddess served by media, and at the same time skilled professional in an academic environment, dominated mostly by white males. Another fantastic element of Bad Feminist is Roxane’s sense of humour.

As someone who doesn’t own TV, nor is subscribed to any newspapers or magazines, I felt slightly alienated in a section dedicated to pop culture criticism. It’s not that I live in a remote area, far away from all sorts of public ads, bookshops or music clubs, but I’ve always had strong opinions about pieces celebrated all across media. Funny enough, this happened already with J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter (!!!), which I refused to read due to omnipresent hype, which in my eyes back then was surely “not deserved”. (Just for the record, I fell in love with Harry Potter series instantly and they are one of very few books I’ve reread) Anyway, back to the topic, I confess I have skipped some parts of this section. While there were interesting points about black characters in movies etc. I didn’t feel like googling to see if Roxane did really prove her points. Also, I could go without competitive Scrabble parts, even though I’m fan of this game too and stories presented were in a way great examples of both human nature and wittiness of the author.

Nevertheless, I had great time with Bad Feminist. Not only did I learn a lot of new things, but Roxane’s writing is so natural that it made me feel like I’m part of face to face conversation. Exactly that kind of book I would love to listen as an audiobook to feel even closer to the author herself.

PS: Although I’ve NEVER considered reading Fifty Shades Trilogy, after reading Bad Feminist I’m seriously considering purchase of Hunger Games, ha!

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