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Ruby Elliot – It’s All Absolutely Fine

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It struck me how often is mental health used as an entertaining topic. With the rise of popularity of various suspense, mystery and thriller books, mental health issues have found their way into the wider public consciousness. Main characters are suddenly more depressed than just alcoholics, every other stressful situation ends up with a panic attack, and isolated individuals bear most likely some dark, painful trauma. It seems like grumpy, lonesome literary characters are slowly disappearing under the wave of aforementioned trend. While it may help spread awareness, the flip side are gimmicky situations and characters who are simply created to entertain. Luckily, this isn’t the case of It’s All Absolutely Fine; here’s why:

The combination of simplistic drawings and painfully honest truths about one’s life is hard to put down. I believe Ruby’s success may very well lay in relatability of her work – even though not everyone is struggling with depression or body image issue, lot of us are leading an ongoing battle with ourselves, adult lives and troubles arising from all of it. There are people who may never feel like NOT getting out of the bed in the morning for being it a useless, impossible activity to perform. However, I’m almost sure there are 90 % of people contemplating their position in this rat race we call a life. And surely does Ruby address also this subject – by making a single drawing saying it all, in a truthful but heart-warming way.

Every part of It’s All Absolutely Fine focuses on a different issue, be it having a lot on one’s plate, dieting, social anxiety or something related to it. It includes both drawings and Ruby’s experience, optionally an honest view on the matter. Reading this book had few impacts on me: personally, it was relieving and almost cathartic. Second, I made way too many notes which I consider almost holy for saying things the way they are. These notes are meant to be send and given to people who might find them useful one day. Third, I bought this book for a close friend. Mind you, this doesn’t happen at any rate usually. Saying this, I believe it is obvious that I enjoyed It’s All Absolutely Fine from its beginning until its very end. It is good for everyone, as long as they use all information/confessions as a tool for helping, understanding others. I love the fact that Ruby used her talent in the most creative and helpful way, making her art admired all over the World Wide Web, and now in your library too. It’s necessary to speak about things that matter, but also to make them approachable. Ruby has proved it is possible.


Note: I received this book in NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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