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S. J. Pajonas – The Daydreamer Detective Braves The Winter

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Yes, yes, yes! Do you remember how much I liked the first book of Miso Cosy Mysteries; The Daydreamer Detective? And how Stephanie promised another sequel in our interview? Well, here is my review of the second book called The Daydreamer Detective Braves The Winter!

This time, Mei, almost recovered from her physical and psychical injuries related to attempt to her murder, is devastated by the tragic death of her friend. Mei is involved in the investigation, but has to solve another serious problem: how to survive the winter. Together with her mum they are running low on money, so they try to cut off all expenses to minimum, but is it really a good idea? How could Mei herself help their situation when she’s unemployed?

Second sequel of Miso Cosy Mysteries is in my opinion more about the main character Mei, than the crime itself, however it is understandable as this time it doesn’t affect her person directly, but someone in her circle of friends. In addition, Mei’s relationship with famous chef Yasahiro is developing, so it seems like Stephanie had decided to give them more space.

What I liked a lot was a topic of local corruption, money laundring and bourgeoisie in general. My knowledge of such issues in Japan equals to none, so I don’t know how often these situations really occur in there, but it was a nice change from evil, disturbed individuals we usually connect as first with any crime. Another big plus was mentioning of senior life situations and related activities. Although I don’t feel like making any dramatic conclusions, but I believe there are not too many options for seniors, or simply all lonely people who would use some help or company. This issue still awaits to be addressed and I appreciate a lot that Stephanie pointed this out.

Stephanie sticks to the genre of cosy mystery – there are no violent descriptions, nor distressing details. It’s a lovely combination between mystery and romance, where both themes are interesting enough to keep reader excited about unravel of the crime and wishing the best for Mei and her mum at the same time.

Nevertheless, there is one BUT I have for second book of The Daydreamer Detective Braves The Winter: Mei could grow up finally and should stop underestimate herself so annoyingly. Everyone who has ever been in love knows the feeling of ‘Do I even deserve all this love, luck, etc.?’ It happens, but I wish it didn’t to Mei every other day. Her lamentations about how she is not worth anything, combined with low self-esteem and experienced trauma, could be easily replaced by more details about her mother’s success in cooking school, or her currently complicated friendship with friend Akiko.

All in all, I enjoyed The Daydreamer Detective Braves The Winter just as much as I did the first book: very much. It is easy to read, the main plot is not predictable and although this sequel is more romantic-based than the first one, it is fine because there is also little bit more about society as a whole and business issues. The Daydreamer Detective Braves The Winter has just everything what a good book should have and let’s see what will happen next in the third book of cosy mysteries with Mei. Hope the fate will spare her surroundings for a while 🙂

Note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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