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Segilola Salami – An Ode to My Mother

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Yetunde: An Ode to my mother has been influenced by author‘s native land, Nigeria, and is exactly what it claims to be – an ode to a mother. This short story is a second sequel following Yetunde’s growing up, with emphasis on a language development. Yetunde is now a nine months old baby growing up in London, and her mother conveys their African origin through narrated tales.

Yetunde: An Ode to my mother is dedicated to all mothers of present, past and future. Mothers have an important place within Nigerian society and this fact is very well represented in the selected tale Yetunde listens to. It’s a beautiful reminder of woman’s importance, mixed with small language course of Yoruba. There is even Yoruba alphabet with a pronunciation for those more interested.

I highly enjoyed African folktale and was very surprised by its educational value. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I didn’t expect interesting stories from Africa, but coming from Europe, well, as kids we were intimidated by kind of horror stories, coming from Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen. Honestly, it takes usually a lot of courage to enjoy those stories as a kid, and once you are old enough to appreciate them, you find yourself having so many scary moments related to such tales, that you rather switch to Walt Disney or Pixar. (True story, my friends)

The only con I see is book’s length. Personally, I would like to continue reading about Yetunde’s infancy, her mother’s stories and learn something new from different cultures, even when I know her new story is surely on the way.

You can buy An Ode to My Mother on author’s webpageSmashwords, Amazon UK, Amazon US , iTunes and Kobo.

By buying this book you are also contributing to UK based charity Jigsaw4u,  which “supports children inluding young people through trauma, loss and bereavement.” It helps them not to feel different or alone, and give them encouragement they need to move forward with their lives.

The reasons why the author has decided to contribute to their work can be found here



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