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The Escape Manifesto: Quit Your Corporate Job – Do Something Different

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Last years of my life I have learnt a lot about myself. I have travelled, met new people, embraced changes coming my way. But I also acknowledged that I am, although still young, almost professional escapee – whenever I felt lost, stuck or helpless, I just escaped. Not so much to avoid inevitable, but to find my true values and eventuallyget back stronger. Guess what? I just did it again – this time I quit my corporate job. A purchase of The Escape Manifesto followed few days later.

Actually, this book is probably my first one filled with sticky notes, and it seems like it won‘t rest of the bookshelf a long time without being touched. There were few things I didn‘t expect from The Escape Manifesto and they are:
1. Lot of research
2. It doesn’t persuade
3. Part “Escapees to take inspiration from“

It is so refreshing read! My distrust in similar books was gone after reading the introduction part, as it is about something I know very well. Our lives have been often planned from early childhoods – what primary school would be best, what hobbies suit our personalities.. Until there is no time for hobbies, just for collecting degrees, internships, experiences, and we are forced to take another leap – to choose the best possible career step. And so we do, because we were working hard towards this moment, it is expected from us or it is what “should follow“. The Escape Manifesto explains how common this phenomena is, and how society plays its role. What are our thoughts and what is blocking us from changes. Expectedly, not only fear is stopping us from stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Throughout the whole book are plenty of examples, mostly people who have join the community of Escape the City, a movement originally created by writers of this book. I appreciate to read about successful people, in this way it reminded me a little bit of Malcom Gladwell‘s Outliers, but this time I could identify with them. Their changes are happening now, in last years, and they felt the same I did. There‘s a hope in the end!
The Escape Manifesto has also something special – it is kind of interactive. There are references to YouTube videos, articles published online etc. And yes, I have googled most of them. It was relevant and fun.

If you are the one spending days in an open space, working on something only your colleagues can understand, feeling alive only on weekends or holidays, having the immerse feeling of FoMO (fear of missing out), then give a thought to buying this book. Maybe it will speak louder to you than you think. It won‘t give you a toolkit, nor secret plan how to achieve your (yet) unfulfilled dreams. But it will definately give you some inspiration, new perspective and, hopefully, even the kick you could need.

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