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Jeremy P. Bushnell – The Weirdness

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Ever since I read Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere I knew there is something inside my reader’s soul what can be open by urban fantasy stories. Maybe there is still this small girl, waiting to hear that amazing story about hidden world operatig next to ours. The Weirdness comes with such and I read it within two days. If there ever be a movie based on this novel, get me the ticket to premiere!

Billy’s story is one of these stereotypical ones about an aspiring author – his love life sucks, his work is not what he dreamed of and his writing, well, let’s say it’s not on the way to the success (yet).
Billy is simply just another anti-hero with one exception: one day he finds Devil in his living room and decides to make a pact with him. Billy will save the world and Devil will make his book famous in return. Sounds familiar? Well, if you expect some Faust themed story you are on the right path!

The Weirdness honors its name. Its style is very readable, super funny and witty. On the other hand is also unbelievably absurd. I mean, warlock’s hidden palace in Starbucks? Oh yeah, really. So now you can make a picture. There is also some sex talks so prudish readers may have a problem with this. Same applies to the believers, as there is an absence of God in the storyline, where the main characters are Billy, Devil and a warlock.

However, what I appreciated about this book, is that no matter how much it can recalls YA literature, it deals with adult issues. How do friendships look like once we are not in our teenage years, how our parents can be actually someone we could never imagine them to be and of course there is love too, as unpredictable as it can be. Novel’s main theme is about morals too: it is okay to sell our soul for something we (try to) believe in, and if it is, how should we feel about it? In this highly competitive world, where thanks to the internet we can compare our successes and failures with billions others, it’s hard not to feel any pressure for being better, more admired etc. Billy knows this too.

All in all, The Weirdness was a ride and I was glad I discovered it. Although I can’t classify myself as any kind of a geek, from time to time I love to let my imagination run and have a good laugh. If you ever feel the same way, give this novel a try. I bet you won’t regret it and next time you’ll see a neko cat you would wonder if it can cause any damage to the world or not.

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