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Torry Martin & Doug Peterson – Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska

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There were times, and admittedly still are, when I wanted to pack my belognings and head to the North. I have done it already few times, to Finland and Sweden, but my dream destinations were always Canada and Alaska. Although I’ve never been there, there is simply some feeling I have that pulls me there. Meanwhile visiting both countries is my bucket list, I’m still there in my mind. (I do it also with London, you could read about it here ) Hope this introduction is enough to understand why I wanted to read Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska so much.

Torry’s story in Alaska started similar – he left behind his party life in Los Angeles and decided to get back to the basics. In this book, he describes with lighthearted humor what it takes to live in Alaska, where you can be woken up by an earthquake or a hungry bear, and how can your working tasks look like when you take care of a camp. Spoiler alert: It’s waaay diffrent than you may expect. Most of the stories are set up in the wilderness, so there’s no wonder why things can turn around in every second. If people are unpredictable, try to settle down in the middle of the woods with closest neigbours being wild animals. Even they can be pretty sociable, but mostly won’t wait for invitation over the picnic. (You will read about such events too.)

I enjoyed to read about all troubles Torry got into, because I like to make fun of myself too. It was a hilarious and heartwarming read from the first pages, and I’m happy to announce it lasted until the very end. My highest sympathy goes to Rob aka “Whatever“, who always seems to keep his cool, and despite it all be a great friend.

What more, it was probably the first book I’ve ever read containing excerpts from Bible, applied into modern times. I found them very interesting, alongside with their explanation, and I’m sure Torry’s book will be preached in various Christian circles.

All in all, I cannot do otherwise than to recommend Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska to everyone, who likes comedy, adventure, nature, and is open to God’s teachings. And if you find yourself fidgeting with an idea about moving to Alaska, pack this book. It may not help you, but it will uplift your soul, and that’s kind of the same thing.

Note: I received this book in NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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