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Tyler Oakley – Binge

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Girl, listen! (As Tyler himself could maybe said)
Funnily enough, I’ve got to know Tyler not through his YouTube channel, but his hilarious podcast Psychobabble he hosts with his best friend Korey Kuhl. As someone who was traveling everyday almost one hour by subway, sometimes there was no possibility to read due to overcrowded train, noisy youngters, following headache (if you have ever lived in a capital you can make a picture}, so I decided to start listening to some podcasts to brigthen my way to/from work. I didn’t expect I would laugh aloud and fall for ‘say nope to the pope’ jokes as much as I did. After almost two years of listening to Psychobabble I’ve seen only few of Tyler’s videos, but as soon as he announced his book being published, I knew I want to have it. So I finally do.

Though I’m not sure why exactly, but it took me few days to go through the book – maybe because its start was little bit slower in my opinion, with scattered jokes in comparison to the rest of the book, where each chapter seemed to be more of a story and had own climax. As the old naughty person I am, I genuinely enjoyed his Grinder adventures together with well-meant ‘insults’ on his family members. Where Taylor has decided to be discreet about identity of characters of his funny, embarrassing stories, he decided not to save reputation of his relatives. I give him a round of applause for that, together for his choice of sharing also not-so-glamurous moments of his life. Dealing with growing up in low-income family, eating disorders, later with depression, relationship abuse and other hardships are portrayed in Binge impressively seriously within all the other less important topics, such his first actor steps in kindergarten production of Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Many people are blinded by success believing all happened overnight and their favourites live in dream worlds of possibilities, pink sky and unicorns farting rainbows. All that glitters is not gold and Tyler was brave enough to show it to his fans

The important part of the book is made up by many pictures of either Tyler, or his family, friends and work related celebrities, such as Michelle Obama. It still blows my mind how someone, who started his YouTube channel with the purpose of staying in touch with distant friends, can get into interviewing famous (not only) pop culture icons. For this reason, I’m happy having my first hardcover book after years, because the quality is unbeatable. Of course I’m cheering for Binge having even its paperback version, after becoming UK bestseller, but still!

I haven’t gotten to audiobooks yet, although I’ve been considering it countless times – for example when I borrowed the long awaited memoir, to find out it actually isn’t a book to read, but to listen. Needless to say, I discarded that option and until now I’m waiting for my turn to read the actual book – but I’m actually sorry I haven’t bought Binge as an audiobook too. I can only imagine how it could crack me up even more than Binge in a written form.

Binge is written in Tyler’s authentic style about his very interesting, yet real life. I laughed a lot and experienced few heart aches, while knowing some of the stories may be a bit much for someone more serious/religious/prudish. If you are not afraid, start reading it now!

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